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  • Kristin Gongora

Rev Up your Family Day Trip with a Visit to the Henry Ford

A Journey of Innovation and Fun at The Henry Ford

A child standing in front of an antique Bugatti at The Henry Ford

At Little Legs, Big Adventures, we seize every school-free day to embark on an expedition of discovery. Our latest escapade led us to the iconic Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, a paradise for any mini motor enthusiast. With just a little planning, our one-day sojourn to the museum and the famed Rouge factory was set in motion.

Planning for Perfection

A family day trip to The Henry Ford offers an array of attractions, making it crucial to strategize your trip. Time-bound entry for the Rouge factory tour means securing your tickets early is a must. Remember, this is a live production environment, so the assembly line's operation can vary. To ensure you witness the automotive ballet, plan your visit before the 2 p.m. weekday and Saturday downtime. And while photography is a no-go, the memories will surely last a lifetime.

Starting Our Engines

Navigating to The Henry Ford was a breeze, and thanks to our pre-purchased tickets, we bypassed the lines and headed straight for adventure. Our first pit stop was the Plum Market Kitchen for a quick refuel before boarding the shuttle to the Rouge Factory Tour. The promise of assembly line action was too tempting to delay, but if time allows, the educational films on offer are a valuable prelude to the main event.

The Assembly Line Awe

The factory floor was where dreams met reality for our little aficionado. Witnessing the dance of machines and humans assembling vehicles piece by piece was mesmerizing. While safety is paramount and the yellow lines are not to be crossed, the viewpoint remains unobstructed and thrilling for all ages.

Refueling and Exploring

Post-factory exploration called for a return to Plum Kitchen, although Lamy's Diner stood as a tempting alternative with its family-friendly menu. Energized, we dove into the museum’s heart, where innovation across planes, trains, and automobiles awaited. Interactive exhibits like the auto racing simulation and the towering presence of locomotives captivated our young traveler’s imagination.

A child playing with toy race cars at The Henry Ford

The Impact of Innovation

From there, we soared through aviation history before landing amidst the giants of industrial innovation. Turbines and generators stood testament to mankind's ingenuity, while the interactive displays on societal change underscored the profound impact of innovation on history. From the role of innovation in women's suffrage to the civil rights movement, the museum has managed to cover it all.

Homeward Bound Through History

The museum’s homage to residential innovation provided a delightful walk down memory lane, complemented by play areas that engaged our little one as we adults indulged in nostalgia.

Harvesting Memories

Our day trip was nearing its end, but not before a humorous encounter with the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, which brought laughter and light-hearted fun to our educational journey.

The Takeaway

As we concluded our day at The Henry Ford, we left with not just souvenirs but enriched knowledge and a newfound appreciation for the milestones of innovation. This destination has earned its place for a return visit, with sights like Greenfield Village and the Giant Screen Experience still on our list.


Our day was a testament to The Henry Ford's ability to transform a day trip into an immersive learning experience. For families with curious minds and a zest for adventure, it's a must-visit. Stay tuned to Little Legs, Big Adventures for more travel insights, and prepare for journeys that turn every step into a learning opportunity! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more pics and tips.

Have you visited The Henry Ford with your little explorers? Share your experiences and tips below!



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