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a family sitting on rocks at the top of a lush mountain
a family sitting on rocks at the top of a mountain
a family standing on a white sand beach at sunset
a family sitting in an outdoor theater

Get to Know Us

Welcome to "Little Legs, Big Adventures", the world of Raul, Kristin, and our little globetrotter, Benicio!

We are an Ohio-based family from the vibrant city of Cleveland, united by our shared love for adventure, cultural experiences, and most importantly, family time. Our family began when our love story took us from our hometown to the romantic landscapes of Argentina, where we tied the knot. Our passion for exploring the unexplored didn’t stop there.


After Benicio joined our family, our commitment to instilling in him the same love for adventurous travel led us on a whole new path of experiences. Our little family, a
team of explorers, has since set an ambitious goal - to step foot on all seven continents together.

Travel, to us, is not just about ticking off destinations. It's an immersive experience. From the towering architectures that recount history, the mouth-watering cuisines
that narrate culinary tales, to the foot-tapping music that reveals the soul of a place, we embrace it all. And we firmly believe that such immersive experiences are not just for adults.

Traveling with children, we've learned, is an enlightening experience. It teaches them valuable life skills that can't be learned within the confines of a classroom. The challenges posed and the joy derived from resolving them encourage adaptability, patience, and problem-solving skills. Plus, there's a certain magic in seeing the world through their curious eyes, it makes each adventure even more precious.

Realizing the potential benefits and joy of family travel, we started "Little Legs, Big Adventures". We aim to make this platform a welcoming space for families, especially those who might feel daunted by the idea of travel with kids. With insights from our own journeys, we provide real, practical advice on how to plan, budget, and enjoy domestic and international travel with children, making it less intimidating and more enjoyable. We've been there, done that, and now we're here to help you do the same – all within a budget that doesn't break the bank.

So, join us as we navigate the world of family travel together, one adventure at a time. Welcome aboard!

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